Lori is a strong role model for women of all ages, a wonderful mentor for both young and those with experience.  Let's face it, our moms were not prepared to give us direction to the places that women must now go.  Lori, because she is bold by nature, has gone those places first and defined her role for others following her.  She's always asking "What if?" She answers with "Why not?"  When she says we can do something, I feel like I can, why would I doubt?" I think that's Lori's greatest gift!

- Kay Wilking:  Medical Field

Lori is an excellent presenter.  She displays professionalism every time she is in front of people.  Lori is a professional, well versed, with a sense of wisdom and exhibits same through humor, compassion and strength!

- Al Kluver:  Board Chair

Lori is an amazing person inside and out, her enthusiasm and compassion to work with others is astonishing.  Lori's leadership and energy has motivated so many people to face their challenges head on and overcome any obstacles' life may throw at them  She welcomes challenge and demonstrates that in her training, classes and everyday life.  Lori has changed so many people's lives not only on a physical level but a personal one as well!

- Katie Koll:  Fitness Industry, Manager/Owner

Lori welcomes your personal communication and encourages you to call her at (952) 649-7170 or send an e-mail to Lori.Hodapp@gmail.com.  She will listen to your needs and is  willing to work with you on  a uniquely designed program.

Lori is also represented by Nationally Speaking and invites you, if you prefer, to work with professional advisers at NationallySpeaking.com

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