Effective Topics

   Attitude – Get Some!

It is common for motivational speakers to encourage positive attitude!Although important, there are steps to take during adversity or the climb to success that often come prior to thinking positively. What about simple perseverance? Let Lori facilitate her presentation with true examples and life experience, speaking from the heart about what the first steps of success really mean.  Yes, you can overcome adverstiy!

   Women – Let me meet you…please!

Over and over and over again, the friendship of other women is truly our greatest asset. Women are NOT equal with men and women need women. Lori can define the gift of friendship and the value of reaching for equality, understanding and power by utilizing the “Band of Womanhood”!

   Take a Risk!

Unrecognized opportunity and fear of failure hold us back. Learn how to define what opportunity really looks like as Lori leads you through the race track of her life and her seizure of rather unique offers that could easily have been overlooked. Gaze back at your own misses and learn to look forward towards your next potential moment of magic.

Customized Presentation

Lori will tailor presentations towards your specific group or audience.  She values each organizations individual culture.  Ask, discuss and trust Lori to create a presentation that touches your group dynamics.